Vehicle Armouring

Complete Vehicle Protection

Armour Station’s vehicle armouring solution provides 360 degree protection to any vehicle. Our complete 360 degree solution can be customised based on the clients cost constraints and ballistic threat factors.
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"It's Our Attention To Detail Which Sets Us Apart"

Vehicles protected by us are safe, secure & suited for the security threats that you, your family, your staff or your clients may encounter whilst traveling in a vehicle on a daily basis.
We provide tailor-made protection solutions for virtually any vehicle, and are able retrofit any vehicle to become bullet-resistant.
Armouring of vehicle roof & floor as well as cargo compartments.
Armouring of all vehicle door panels.
Passenger compartment protection.
Replacement of all vehicle glass with certified and tested Bullet Resistant Glass.
Replacement of all vehicle tyres with run flat tyres or the fitment of run flat bands to all vehicle tyres.
All Armouring solutions have been tested by international laboratories.

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